What and How Should We Do at Feeling Sick?

What and How Should We Do at Feeling Sick?







Getting a timely medical care plays a key role in keeping us healthy and safe along our lifespan; that is why I am here to explore and discuss What and How Should We Do at feeling Sick?.

But in real life, most people would not go to see their doctor (s/he) until they accumulate enough pain and suffering and become mentally and physically puzzled and unbearable.

As a result and oftentimes, they may miss the golden time window of medical care. That is quite unfortunate. But, we should never let this happen to us, and reading and understanding the contents of this article may and will save us a lot of troubles and make us live a healthier and longer life possible.

Before embarking on the very answer to this question, let us realize and accept the available truth and facts of life, which should be the first step to solve anything we may confront in life. Without clearly verifying what really happen to us, we cannot get the right answers to our troubles.

So, let us realize that no matter what we may have done, certain sickness may strike us with a various degree of severity at certain point along our life path. If it does happen, what should you do? No matter whatever the sickness may be, you have to determine to win such an invisible battle for life.

How to Get the Related Things Done Correctly?







Based on my lifelong personal and professional experience in medical study and practice, I have found the following steps are essential to follow:

  • Complete History Taking

Soon at feeling something not right mentally and/or physically, make sure instantly and carefully collect and bring the detailed information on       the onset, degree, duration, interval, progress, evolution, and resolution of all the related symptoms, but stressing the sequence of events, to the doctor for review and analysis.

  • Perform Physical Examination:

At the doctor’s office, the doctors will perform a thorough systemic physical examinations to assure the state of your general health state and the possible significant finding directly related to your current symptoms which urge you to see them after reviewing the info you brought in with you and further inquiry to confirm all your symptoms are accurate.

  • Order Laboratory Tests and/or Imaging Studies as needed:

Laboratory tests may include:

1. Blood

To assure a better understanding of our general health state, s/he may order blood tests for electrolytes, blood sugar, complete blood counts. In addition, for assuring and targeting specific organs and systems s/he may order more blood tests like liver function tests, kidney function tests, blood lipid profile, drug screening, STD screening, etc. so to assure your presenting symptoms are pertinent to specific organs/systems under clinical suspicion after a comprehensive review of history and an adequate physical examination as described above as need to fit individual need.

2. Urine

Oftentimes, a general routine urinalysis (UA) with chem strip alone with/without microscopic examination and/or urine culture may be required to verify clinical concerns. Occasionally, a 24-hour urine testing may be also needed like that for the patients with recurrent urinary stone disease or suspected to have adrenal dysfunction or suspected kidney failure, etc.

3. Imaging Studies

The options of imaging studies may be ultrasound studies (ultrasonography); computerized tomography (CT scan); MRI; PET scan; angiography for vessels, heart, kidneys, or specific organs.

4. Others like voiding chart, urodynamic studies for bladder function, etc.

Thereby, combining all the above described steps and suggested tests, the doctor (s/he) will more likely be able to deduce the most accurate possible diagnosis and offer the best possible reasonable treatment, care, and counseling for you to ease your current suffering and speed up recovery, and to minimize and even avoid recurrence. Then you will get the best possible hope to live a longer happier life.

How Has This Approach Worked?

From my 47-year experience in medical study and practice, I have found and confirmed this approach has worked extremely well for all my patients at its best possible merits and capacity; that is all what I as well as all medical professionals can do and offer for us in the real world.


It allows the doctor to analyze the available information on the quality, quantity, and sequence of events for all the related symptoms in detail. Then the doctor will know which organs or/and systems may be the focus/target of suspicion and to objectively define and confirm the best possible diagnosis with physical examination and timely testing.

So, the most reasonable treatment, care, and counseling can be provided for us. Although you would expect and like to see an improvement in symptoms and general well-being most of the times in the way or direction you would like to see, it may not be always the case.Occasionally, the expected improvement may be not as fast and much as we would expect and the course of sickness may instead worsen in attesting:

In medicine, doctors have never cured anything for anyone, but, at most and at best, just help the patients to understand and modify something for some conditions to some degree with/without drugs and/or procedures at reasonable time in reasonable way to reasonable patients; behind what we know always hide something we may still not know.

This is life reality. Life is a changing and adjusting dynamic process of constant struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living for survival, growth, and continuation from inception and eternity.

In spite of medical advance, all medical care is still based on indirect evidence resulting from collecting and analyzing all available experience. Therefore, it is mandatory to work closely with our doctor by timely reporting what may be unexpected in clinical course or side effects from treatment so our doctor can reassess our conditions and modify the direction of care for us.

At this moment, you should have clear ideas on What and How should We Do at Feeling Sick?. Then I hope the above information will guide us to achieve the best possible medical care we deserve.

For Instant Access to Useful Insights of Life and Healthcare

Besides the above info, I have refined and crystallized some useful ideas and insights about life, health, and diseases for you to review right away so to gain an instant overview of life and sickness and enjoy the benefit and help from modern medical care in today’s world.

Just a reminder, healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession should be always the very best foundation of all medical care disregarding who, what, when, and where we are.

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