eWellness Newsletter-6, on Interpersonal Relationship

Wellness Newsletter-6, on Interpersonal Relationship

Posted On April 30, 2018, By James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Leave a Comment on eWellness Newsletter-5, on Interpersonal Relationship

For A March to A Healthy, Long, Happy Life; this time let us talk about Interpersonal Relationship









Hi! My dear friends and readers,


Why are we going to talk about the definition, skills, and advice of interpersonal relationship? The answers to all these interpersonal-related questions may widely vary among individuals, but have their unique impacts to success or failure as well as to happiness or unhappiness in life. Therefore, I want to share my thoughts hoping to gain your resonance in the heart and make a real sense to your life.
Have you been able to capture and secure the sense of comfort and control of life to fit the context of your spiritual and physical values, which you have learned and accumulated over lifetime? If yes, obviously you would be happy because you know when, where, with whom, and how to interact; if no, you would not be. Among all these related interactions, those with any individuals play major roles to rake in what and when you like, want, love, and need at the time in a site under a circumstance.
Regardless of what the contents of your spiritual and physical values and capacity may be, the ultimate goal of life remains the same, that is, to live a healthy, long, happy life, which was further detailed in other related articles listed in What is Life?.
Clearly, if we are going to live a healthy, long, happy life or not, we rely on if we can capture and secure a sense of mental and physical comfort from what and how we interact with our internal and external environments. All these interactions comprise all the relationship we have to deal with, either we like them or not.

How to Define Interpersonal Relationship?

Technically, a life is a process of managing a long list of relationships with our inside and outside-internal and external-environments, which could be visible or invisible.
Visibly, we interact, directly or indirectly, with all humans around us who could be our immediate, intermediate, and distant families, relatives, friends, coworkers, organizations, institutions, society, country, and the world, though maybe different in time, location, and circumstance. Invisibly, our body quietly works to keep us successfully fending off all invisible invasions from unwanted or incompatible viral, bacterial, parasitic agents by the synergistic defense power from the unchanged genetic factors and the modifiable lifestyle.
Interpersonal relationship is our daily constant interactions with all humans as mentioned and listed above. Known to us, any action has its immediate and distant goals, which is initiated, maintained, and sustained to rake in what we like, love, want, and need at a time in a location under circumstances, which can fill the vacuum of our personal unique spiritual and physical values but can not be accomplished by living alone. Hence, we can not overlook or discount the value and importance of successful interactions in interpersonal relationships.

What Are the Factual Reality of Asserting the Rights?

What happens at asserting the rights what we deserve? Common sense tells us that we want to get something from somewhere and someone to meet their timely and situational need.
But who do put something at somewhere for us to take away so to meet what we like, love, want, and need at a time in a location under circumstances? Doubtless, it got to be someone fulfilling their obligations-spiritual and physical-at somewhere since nothing is FREE as described on page 57 of What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life although the usage of THIS IS FREE has become a commercial maxim.
As we can see, nowadays, we hear the voice and see the effort to assert the rights-everything and everywhere is our rights-in a right-up, right-down, right-right, right-left, right-north, right-south, right west, and right east fashion. But, how often do we hear someone want to fulfill their obligations?
And that is the life reality we are confronting day in and day out, do you agree to?

How to Successfully Manage Interpersonal Relationships?

After revealing and elaborating the life reality of interpersonal relationships, the solution to being unhappy in handling interpersonal relationships comes to light and becomes evident. But, our traditional teaching and preaching impose upon us that we have to care and love others unconditionally first all the time; if not, we are selfish and ashamed.
In reality, is this right? In fact, an action always follows with its reaction or vice versa in its endless recycling, and is always driven by the sense of need for bringing in what we like, love, want, and need at a time in a location under circumstances. Furthermore, all we do in serving, caring, and loving others all come and hover on a full spectrum between full egoism and full altruism. With higher spiritual values in the heart, we can endure the shortage of physical values better than those who are low in spiritual values, and vice versa, that is, those with lower spiritual values are less possible to tolerate a shortage of physical values.
The examples fitting the above scenario are abundant, like in marriage, friendship, membership, employment, etc.
To succeed, we have to stress and maintain the following:

  • a balanced reciprocation between asserting the rights and fulfilling the obligations, which are associated with or related to all interpersonal relationships such as those for parents with children of different age, spouses, students, citizens, members, etc.
  • a building-up and maintenance of a platform filled with the common values as what the former the US President, J. F. Kennedy stated that not asking what your country can do for you, but asking what you can do for your country, which could be sensibly applied to every faucet of life.
  • a practice stressing common values for balanced mutual benefits without manipulating others’ ignorance, anxiety, and fear with the tactics of imbalanced power and deception under hidden agenda.


As you can see, the understanding the reality, definition, and advice for bettering interpersonal relationships could not be overemphasized. To live a healthy, long, happy life would be much possible by translating the ideas and practice of the above life reality about interpersonal relationship into daily living; without such, all talk is useless and action will make the ultimate goal of life become a reality, witnessing that political correctness and sympathy have never helped people although people love to hear them, but empathy and action will make a real difference to our life.

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James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of www.ForMeFirst.com

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