eWellness Newsletter-3, on Multiple Drugs & See Doctor Timely

eWellness Newsletter – 3

A March to a Long Happy Life for All

  • How to take multiple medications safely?
  • Why would most of the people not go to see doctors timely?

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Hi! my dear life enthusiasts and fans,

Now I returned to share what I have spotted and deemed useful to enhance our life so we can fulfill our common goals – A March to A Long Happy Life for All.

To fulfill this common goal of life is not that hard by practicing high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

That is the very foundation of the mother of a good health living.

Read on to what I will add into your daily living scenario of concept and practice of healthy living.

How to take multiple medications safely?

How to use many drugs safely?!

Why is this topic – how to tale multiple medications safely? – so important and worth a special mention and discussion here?

Because many who take multiple drugs fall victims to drug adverse effects and might feel worse in general condition than that before taking drugs. But they are not aware of these for they have a traditional blind trust in their doctors.

Pointing out these facts does not mean bad mouthing about my colleagues but want to make you be aware of the life reality so you can work better and closer with your doctors than ever. Doing so is to confirm that the first step of all care for life is to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life. As a result, you may gain the deserved medical care better, faster, and safer.

To make taking multiple drugs safe, please follow the following:

  1. Always ask and confirm with the prescribing doctors and/or pharmacists for why and how to use the prescribed drugs and what to expect. In case, you cannot remember the detailed information, take advantage of taking notes for review at need. Then you know how to take precaution to discern possible side effects.
  2. Stop the newly added medication if the potential side effects appear outside what the doctors/pharmacist explained to you, and timely report the suspected side effects to your doctor for further advice.
  3. Go to the local nearby emergency room if any side effects affecting your blood pressure and respiration occur like short of breath, dizziness, fainting, fever, a lot of skin rash, etc.

To assert what stated above, go to articles and links on http://formefirst.com/NewDrugU…. and take actions accordingly.

Before going to see the doctors, follow instructions described in https://ebettercare.com/feel-b….

Read on to explore …

Why would most of the people not go to see doctors timely?

Hesitating and what is the choice?

We act to fulfill a need. What is the need then?

The contents of need always comprise some kinds of spiritual and physical value, which not only widely vary among people and along one’s life path but significantly fluctuate reflecting the then personal spiritual and physical ability and capacity.

Among the variety of needs, relieving an unbearable pain is the one most direct motive to seek medical attention if the inflicting pain could be eased by tolerance, home remedy, or… For a disease, it always starts and evolve along a path from feeling nothing wrong slowly to feeling something obvious and unbearable. Almost of no exception, people would not seek professional attention until they accumulate enough amount of personal inconvenience, suffering, and pain.

In short, the weight of suffering is not heavy enough so people would not see doctors time. That is not right and be aware of such.

Then how to overcome the unwanted delay to seek medical attention?

Let us bridge the gap safely!

Always seek timely evaluation and counseling at least once for any mental and physical unusual manifestations.

Mentally, anyone should seek out medical attention or at least a talk with someone trustworthy at feeling something lingering in mind that makes you become incapable to handle day-to-day activities for survival and growth; that means being dysfunctional and nonproductive.

As well, physically, anyone should seek medical evaluation and counseling whenever s/he notices something bumpy, lumpy, hard, and full but beyond the understanding and comprehension within the reach of personal knowledge, experience, and common sense.

Of course, what you discern may incite your mental anguish. In the other words, we expect a substantial mental and physical interaction.

In sum, confronting a functional impairment to productivity for survival, one should seek medical attention timely. How to do so just like that? Follow the suggestion and instruction described in What Should You Do When You Feel and Become Sick?

So far, I would like to thank you for your visiting and reading to soak up something useful to enhance your odd to live a long happy life.

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James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
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