Welcome to Global Better Care For a Healthier, Happier You.

Welcome to Global Better Care – www.ebettercare.com 

Congratulate you for coming to the right place to acquire the pointed ideas on how to take care of yourself while feeling sick. All the information is built upon the facts:

Live Healthier = Look Nicer, Feel Better, and Live Longer

Here be noted that all information provided is applicable to all humans regardless of where, when, what, and how you are. Why? After all, we all still eat, drink, pee, poop, and mate in the very same way no matter who, where, when, and what we are. In addition, the meaning or goals of life have remained the same forever for survival,growth, and live on.  Therefore this site is named as Global Better Care.


What may you expect from this online visit?

You arrive at the right place where you will gain knowledge and insight on how to help yourself get medical care better and faster.

Why? Viewing and understanding the contents of the related subjects will rescue you from the trap falling victim to political correctness-sweet talk and sympathy, distorted commercialism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding. Then you become knowledgeable to make decision and take action on when, where, and what you should do at a right time in a right way – faster and better than ever. On top of that, you could save money, ditch unnecessary agony, and move your life forward.

Consequently, you know how to collect, prepare, and bring right detailed information about your symptoms, and go to see at a right time and work with the doctors closer and better than ever in a right way so to reach the most accurately possible diagnosis for the best possible treatment with right counseling, medication, and procedures as needed; these are detailed in How to Handle Sickness.  All these could matter the outcome of care, that is, live or death.       

What should you do when you feel sick?

Of course, you want to know what has happened to your body, that is, making right diagnosis, and what you need to do, that is, getting right treatment.

How? Traditionally, we go to see doctors for timely evaluation, counseling, and treatment. Nowadays, most people want to know something as much as possible through online surfing in the Internet first for self education and for best professional selection.
These seem very handy.

However, in reality, most people more or less have been unknowingly falling victim to political correctness (sweet talk and sympathy), commercialism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding due to mistrust, distrust, lack in coherent understanding of information due to no special professional training and experience. As a result, many people have been living
under the constant siege of anxiety and fear.

Why has Dr. Lin been building www.ebettercare.com for you to surf FREE at finger tips?

It is because he has observed that many people are unfortunately under the above mental grinding resulting from today’s life reality
as described above, and he wants to help you take control of such distressing life so you may receive a timely best possible
medical care you deserve. Together, the care may go beyond medications and procedures.

What is the difference between the information provided here and anywhere else?

Dr. Lin stressed how to not just apply current available knowledge, skill, technology, and medication, but also pepper substantially common sense and wisdom according to his personal and professional lifelong observation, collection, analysis, and summary about life and medicine so your deserved timely care may take place at a reasonable time in reasonable ways.


Let’s Hear From You

After reading this article, please leave a positive comment if you feel the content is useful for handling sickness. As well, please share the information on social media profiles with  family and friends you care about.

Also do not forget to sign up for FREE monthly NewsLetter authored by Dr. Lin, aiming to help maintain a good health to live an long active life ahead of you.

Of course, if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach me at 734-846-2699 or by email to realinct2002@yahoo.com. If you need more help/support,  set up a private counseling with me to decide what would be most reasonable care for you. Doing so will ease unnecessary anxiety and fear. Don’t you like that? I am ready for you.

Now I wish you make the best use of life as described in What is Life? …


James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of www.ForMeFirst.com and www.sick-ask.com

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3 Replies to “Welcome to Global Better Care For a Healthier, Happier You.”

paul goodwin

October 13, 2017 at 6:16 am

Hello James

This is a very interesting site and nicely laid out so well done for that!

You have achieved so much in your life and thus become apparent by the way you want to help
people in any way that you can and so I feel in some ways we are similar ~

Very nice to see this

thank you




    October 13, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Hi! Paul, I do appreciate your taking time to comment the post on Global Better Care… Please keep on watching and critiquing my work so I can serve others more and better.
    Here comes my best wish to health and success.



      October 13, 2017 at 6:13 pm

      Hi! Mike, Thank you for concurring the concept and practice for achieving a better medical care than medication and surgery alone. Your positive comment and support will surely help more people live a long happy life. Yet, I also value any suggestion on how to improve my thinking and writing so I can do better in the future and more people could be more efficiently helped. Again, I appreciate your time and effort.


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