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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

Sex ranks as a basic need for man alongside the need for food, sleep, clothing, shelter, and breathing. This is in line with Abraham Maslow’s 1943 theory of human needs. Some may argue about the placement of sex among the most basic needs like breathing for instance, but what no one can argue with is the fact that sex is a human need. Every normal human being needs sex and some go the extra mile to get. Some even do outrageous things for it. But that is not the focus of this piece. As a person who needs and engages in sex, it is important to enjoy the experience.

And just like improving and enjoying your food, sleep or good living conditions, a lot can be done to have a fulfilling sex life. The following are some of the simple ways that can be adopted to improve your sex life.

  1. Improve Your Communication

Communication is central to everything in life. Good communication is essential to improve relationship and sex with your partner. This is because you need to both understand your partner and be understood to enjoy each other’s company. Your sex life begins with your relationship life. It, therefore, follows that improving your relationship also helps improve your sex life. Communication is at the center of it all.

Enjoying sex with your partner requires that you be on the same page. Understanding each other’s needs and preferences will go a long way in helping you satisfy each other and enjoy the experience. Starting a conversation is the first step to both a closer emotional bond and a better sex life.

  1. Get Informed

Like every other problem in life, educating yourself on the subject is vital to dealing with your sex-related problems. Self-help materials are always available for every type of sexual issue. You can use the Internet or your local bookstore to get information and materials that will help you improve your sex life. The internet is filled with information and products like books, and other sexual aids that can enhance your sex life.

You may need to be cautious here. Don’t use your office computer for such searches. This is because your employer will be able to see your search history and may not understand your true motives for such actions.

  1. Be Creative

Your sexual needs may require that you take certain steps that will suit your situation. Depending on the uniqueness of your situation, you and your partner can get creative to do what’s best for you. You can resolve many sexual issues by making certain adjustments in the way you make love.

Create an atmosphere that shows care and tenderness. You may need to find a comfortable, quiet, and interruption-free setting to have sex. Maintain emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship. Touch and kiss your partner regularly. If necessary, you can also use lubricating liquids and gels as a solution for vaginal dryness that begins in pre-menopause.

Also, try different positions during sex. This can make the lovemaking process quite interesting. Positions such as entering your partner from behind can produce increased stimulation to the G-spot and can help your partner reach orgasm.

So good communication with your partner, educating yourself on sexual issues especially those that affect you directly and being creative in implementing solutions are three simple ways you can employ to improve your sex life. Try them today.

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One Reply to “Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Sex Life”

Eric Chen

February 23, 2018 at 1:50 am

Hello James,

Very good advice for people looking to enhance their sex life. I totally agree with you when it comes to improving relationship to enhance the sex life. I can definitely vouch for that because sex is not just physical… it’s also emotional.

Thanks again for the reminder,


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