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Capital of Life – Life as Investment

Capital of Life – Life as Investment

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At birth, we are all given the best wish and blessing so we can unfold our life to its fullest form. Then we go through the process of being nurtured by parents at home to grow up, being educated by teachers in shcools to be certified for walking into job field, and being trained and fine tuned by coworkers in the society to be capable to perform well in their designated duty. This is a common regular course of life. But, along this mentioned course of life, we might have all experienced various degrees of stress from inability to get the designated jobs or tasks done in the way we would like to be. Then, frustration follows suit making us feel unsuccessful.

In order to reverse the course full of frustration and stress, all what we should and can do is to enable ourselves to accomplish the assigned jobs or tasks. To do so, we need sufficient energy and ability for right good decision-making and action-taking. Where and how do these indispensible ingredients for success come from?



Let us imagine that life success is like the success in financial investment. The investors are given the money as capital for their investment. But, In real life, not every investor can and will make money after receiving their needed capital, although we all know and agree the financial investiment is intended to successfuly make money. If yes – making money, the investors would be surely happy. If not, of course, they are unhappy and get upset.

So, the ultimate question is who can make money and be happy. Just stop and think this over for a few minutes, and we would have no difficulty to figure out why, that is, a successful investment belongs to those who know when, where, and how to put in and take out the money.

To accomplish this, doubtlessly, these successful investors have to acquire enough knowledge and skills over lifetime so to make them know when, where, and how to put in and take out money at a right time in a right way under the right circumstance. Of course, in life, they can not be perfect all the time, but they are constantly and timely perfecting their knowledge and skills to excel what they do in investment. As a result, their odd to be right and successful in investment are high. Surely, they make money and are happy in the way they do.

At this moment, you may say I talk about money or material all the time with low spirituality. Well, it is nothing wrong to make money as long as the principles of being honest without manipulating others’ anxiety, fear, and ignorance. Also, remember, although money is not everything, but we can not do many things for life reality without money.

How to succeed in life

Simply put, the answer lies in the scenario just like that for financial investment. So, the first thing we should do is to have the capital of life. What is it?

Common sense has told and taught us that a success comes from our effort to acquire, alloocate, and use our limited spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities plus time – 24/7/365, which are the capital of life. So, to make  anything possible, we have to apply enough amount of these three items – spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity + time.

Known to us, no matter how smart we are born with, no matter how well we are educated, and no matter how good the computer or working machines we may own, after all, our personal spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities are still uniquely limited. As well, the time matter reamins the same at 24/7/365.

As evidenced, every one has a very limited amount of spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities pluse time. But, we are all heavily enticed and even coerced to participate almost countless activities. Just do a little math with the limited amount of capital of life to be devided by the ever-increasing number of activities to make a living, take care of all the chores of family life, and sharpen the ability to advance career. As a result, the more activities you join, the thinner or lighter the needed capital of life for an event would be. Furthermore, it is the knwon fact that we have to apply a certain amount of the capital of life for certain tasks in order to succed in performing it.


The Answer to “How to Succeed in Life?”

Simple as well. Let the common sense rule and guide us.

How? To wisely utilize the limited capital of life, we have to think and consider if an emerging event is essential or optional.

Known to us, all activites always bring some short-lived instant excitement, satisfaction, and gratification to feed the momentary inner vacuum of need, which usually comprises some kind of spiritual and/or physical values at the time in the location and under the circumstance. But the long-term effects may quite differ from somthing very helpful to nothing helpful to something even worse for the future.

Generally speaking, any activity bearing no future benefits could be considered as optional; those that would definitely make future life better should be defined as the essential activities.

The common examples of optional activities are obsession and overindulgence in TV, social media, movies, alcohol abuse, tobacco smoking, video gamming, over sex, etc. which, in time, will surely impair mental and physical function for learning and job performance; those of essential activities are the high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession, which will enable us to learn and perform whatever we need to do better than ever.

In conclusion, the capital of life is a box of personal unique spiritual and physical values, abilities, and capacities plus time of 24/7/365, always gingerly and wisely use your limited capital of life for essential activities first before optional activities.  Thereby I can guarantee that you will have the best possible odd to succeed in life and a real sense of comfort and control with happiness will arrive at your heart, clinch to, and stay with you forever.

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6 Replies to “Capital of Life – Life as Investment”


January 30, 2018 at 12:19 am

Hi, I like the term “Capital of Life”. I certainly agree with this post. There are somethings in life that need not to be focused on. And, many people suffer from over indulgence in optional activities instead of essential activities.

I personal like to involve myself with essential activities because, if it provides me with no benefits and no future, it is not worth my precious time. I really wish they taught something like this in the schools today, the kids are not involving themselves in esstential activities nor, are they thinking about the future.

I personally, try and teach my children to always do productive things and not get involved in things that are a waste of time and gets you know where.

I really enjoyed this post and I believe everyone should read this. This post could have help out thousands of people. Keep up the excellent work. And, I really look forward to reading more of your post.


    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    January 30, 2018 at 5:34 am

    Hi! Lakisha,
    Thank you for visiting this post and concurring its content. Since you like what you read, please share my writing with anyone you care and love. More elaborated details on life reality could be found in “What is Life? …” in If you have more questions, please ask. Of course, welcome to help me how to monetize my contents. All the best to health and success…. James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. certified urologist and award-winning author


David Eversley

December 26, 2017 at 1:16 pm

Hi, Dr. Chin!
I can relate very much to what you have said here. There is much wisdom in this post to glean from. I love the formula for the capital of life and what is essential from optional, and how we can determine that.

This info should be in the hands of every child starting out in life. I sure wish I had it some years ago.

In order to redeem time, I believe and agree that we can cut out many optional things from our lives.

Thanks for sharing this very wise and informative article with the world.

David E


    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    January 3, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Hi! David,
    I do appreciate your taking time to review this post and providing positive comments, which have been known to all humans but unfortunately political correctness has dulled such a commonsensical acuity. Best to you.


Femia (ZEGU)

December 22, 2017 at 1:55 pm

Hi, Urolin, I am so impressed by this Capital of Life analogy. It makes a lot of sense. It has opened my eyes to see. Indeed, without these three components in our lives: spiritual, physical value and capacity, we will struggle.

In this modern day era, people hardly have the capacity to do anything due to hectic lifestyles. Let alone, to revive their physical and spiritual abilities. Its not all about money, as you rightly point out, explaining why some rich people are among the saddest people on earth.
In real life, we have a tendency of overdoing things, be it at school or work, forgetting to strike a balance.
Thanks so much for this informative article.


    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    December 22, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    Hi! Euphemia, Glad that you concurred with what I elaborated, which will help many others to take heed to this life reality so they can drive on the right solid path of life without falling into the traps of deception from political correctness and much distorted commercialism. If interested and time allows, welcome to peruse other posts. Then if you feel what I stated makes sense to help forge a real prosperous life, please, like you just did, leave comments/suggestion so to support many others to plow along the tough road of life-reality. Here comes my best wish to your health and happiness.


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