The Fastest, Surest Way to Rid Unhappiness and Recapture Happiness

The Fastest, Surest Way to Rid Unhappiness and Recapture Happiness

by James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. , a board-certified urologist, award-winning author, public speaker

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Why are we not happy?

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The answer to this question is clear and simple. Because, in the way of conducting our daily living, we can not secure the sense of comfort and control from what we do. What is that? Because we fail to get what we like, want, love, and need at the time in at location under the circumstance.

And how can we return to the land of happiness?

These above two questions have bothered most of us. To find their answers, day in, day out, we have not just waded and sifted through the tons of happiness-related articles that we can get hands on through the Internet but oftentimes also seek professional counseling usually by psychologists. Yet, we are still unable to find the solution and continue to be dismayed with what we found because real happiness has never arrived and stayed as wished – still far from the life reality.

Then, how can we solve these two pressuring issues?

Easy. Simply put, just get what we like, want, love, and need at the time in a location under the circumstance, which, as stated above, is the reasons for causing us not happy.
How? Again, the answer to this question is very straightforward within the reach of common sense.
Then, where and how can we find the answers to these questions? Just look around. In fact, the answers to them have been with us all day long within the reach of common sense as long as being equipped with an alert discerning mind. However most of us just can not discover the daily scenes of happiness and unhappiness in front of our eyes. This phenomenon is not our fault but the existing social atmosphere which unintentionally prevented us from getting to know the reasons for unhappiness.

Where and what are they?

Just look around. We, you and I alike, have seen and heard babies cry at home, in the shopping malls, on the streets, in the airports or bus or train stations and even in the parks. Now, let us imagine why the babies cry.

With the above discussions in mind, we can easily discover the answers to these questions within the reach of common sense. In fact, we have already done all things to please the crying babies by giving what they like, want, love, and need at the time in the location under the circumstance. Then, the crying babies will stop crying and return their smiling face, and they become happy again.
In reality, the scenario to be happy or unhappy in the babies and adults is the same, but there are two differences.
What are these two differences between babies and adults?

First, we adults would not cry lightly in front of the public. Where may we cry? We would cry behind the closets or within the darkness of privacy so to preserve our superficial ego or image of adult maturity.

Second, in order to get what we like, want, love, and need, we adults totally rely on the outcome what we do except we are totally disabled by aging or diseases or both.

Now, let us bright up our mind and see how we can find the answer on how to get what we want, like, love, and need.

At this moment, just explore imagination and open up our mind to search for their answers. And the lost common sense will return to knock our doors to tell us if we expect to have good result from what we do to meet what we like, want, love, and need, we have to conquer two challenges throughout the course of any action we take.

What are these two challenges?


  • An active vibrant life is a string of serial actions which can make us happy if what we do can timely bring in what we like, want, love, and need at the time in the location and under the circumstance. If not, we will surely be unhappy.
  • An act from its beginning to its ending has always gone through two steps: decision-making and action-taking. If these two steps operate sequentially well, we can guarantee we can have the best possible outcome so to get what we like, want, love, and need.

So, these two challenges are:

  • First, do we have enough energy and ability to make a good and right decision at the time in the location and under the circumstance?
  • Second, do we have enough energy and ability to take a good and right action sequentially after decision-making?

If the above process is right, the outcome will be right – as simple as that.

As we can see, if the above scenario is in place and at work, we can expect to have a good and right outcome from what we do to momentarily satisfy our wishes so we may feel comfortable and in control. Then and inevitably, the real happiness will emerge and arrive at our hearts and stay with us forever. It is that simple.

So, how can we make good and right decision and follow with taking good and right action? Again, the essence of another hint of common sense comes to inspire us that we ought to have sufficient energy and ability to conquer the two challenges in decision-making and action-taking.

Where do the needed energy and ability come from?

Does medication, surgery, sweet talk, and sympathy enable us to acquire energy and ability so to conquer these two inherent challenges of action? No, absolutely not. Or from something else?

My 73-year personal and 47-year professional life experience has spoken to and inspire me to realize, understand, crystallize, and compile the following five points, which is dubbed as quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession as follows:

1. eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don’t let foods control us;

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2. practice quality mental and physical exercise every single day, but avoid overindulgence and obsession;

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3. sleep well and sound for at least 6 to 8 hours every single day, but preferably at night;

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4. meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;

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5. follow currently available, reasonably, realistic, medical advice as needed.

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Solution Arrives

As we can see, there is no other way around if we want to be truly happy. We not have to emphasize all the measures of external social coerced actions but to stress at least the equally important thing of internal generation and expression. Together, the best possible outcome from what we do will come to meet what we like, want, love, and need.

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And I wish you the very best to fulfill a long, active, vibrant life.

James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of www.ForMeFirst.com and www.sick-ask.com

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2 Replies to “The Fastest, Surest Way to Rid Unhappiness and Recapture Happiness”

Rebecca Coppersmith

March 31, 2018 at 6:41 pm

I love this article and agree with you.” I eat to live not live to eat” is my motto. Freshly grown fruit and vegetables is something I would never eat as a young person, but in these “middle age” years I am in I am finding I yearn for them more and more. I also was very over- indulgent in my younger years and often became obsessed with many things that were not good for me. Often, I put my spirituality aside, never praying or thanking my creator for all the wonderful things in my life. Thank you for this article, I will pass it on to share it’s wisdom.


    James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

    March 31, 2018 at 8:08 pm

    Hi! Rebecca,
    Your visit is definitely welcome and appreciated, especially leaving a comment. Of course, welcome to share the contents of my site with anyone you care and love. Together we can help more people living a health, long, happy life. In my site, I just posted an articles on What is a Healthy, Long, and Happy Life? in https://ebettercare.com/what-is-a-healthy-long-happy-life/. If having any health/life-related issues in mind, by all means, share and discuss them with me. All the best to your long weekend. James


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