medications for erectile dysfunction

When and How to Take Medications for Erectile Dysfunction?


Normal penile erection denotes an adequate ability to initiate, maintain, and sustain a long-enough erection to complete much desired sexual performance, and is an important part of male sexuality.

But as men age and/or diseases creep up, their ability to start and maintain an erection for performance satisfaction gradually dwindles. Then, the issues related to erectile dysfunction appear and begin to baffle them.  At its outset, the symptoms of ED can be so mild that they do not think that a softer erection may be a concern.

Over time, the degree and frequency of gradually impaired erection become a real issue for their sex life. Commonly, such ED-affected men would try to wait out hoping erectile ability may return. As time goes by, the ED-related symptoms accumulate and worsen to a level of its regular recurrence. That is the time they begin to seek medical attention and care.

At the office,  a usually expected comprehensive evaluation takes place. As a result, the patient and his doctor will gain some reasonable ideas what factors may contribute the occurrence of his ED. Then a logical sequence of care for ED begins.

Known to us, no medication is perfectly effective and safe for everyone.  Doctors (for ED, usually urologists) prescribe medication based on their best possible knowledge and judgment. But they still can not tell or predict which patients may develop allergy and drug adverse effects or not.

Hence,  always exercise a reasonable precaution when taking any newly prescribed drugs or pills that you have never used before.

Below I would like to share some important points of precaution with you on taking ED-helping drugs.

When and How to Use Medications for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

The options of care and the sequence of their application for erectile dysfunction have been well defined, formulated, and accepted as follows:

1. understanding its underlying causes as much as possible
2. behavioral modification
3. stressing the importance of healthy lifestyle
4. optionally use natural remedies
5. take prescribed medications like sildenafil (Viagra) since 1998, vardenafil (Levitra or Staxyn) since 2003, tadalafil (Cialis) since 2003, or avanafil (Stendra)
6. use alprostadil (prostaglandin E1) for penile self-injection or self-insertion of the suppository into the urethra
7. apply penile vacuum pump
8. implant penile prosthesis as the last resort of care for erectile dysfunction


medications for erectile dysfunction

The care for ED is advancing to the step requiring to take prescribed medications. Based on currently available knowledge and common sense.

Tips to make the best use of one of the PDE-5 inhibitors

1. Always practice quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession. Why? Because this is the core foundation of all medical care, which is the surest way to naturally heighten personal energy and ability for performance.

2. Initiate and engage in sex only after an optimal mental and physical rest and recovery.

The time to have the best possible output in performing personal or occupational tasks is after having a good sleep and rest with full mental and physical recovery. So does sexual performance since it is a process of very heavy mental and physical drainage. It requires enough energy and ability in storage to drain.

However, there is a clear difference between daily living and sexual activity. It lies in the fact that mental and physical drainage for daily living takes place in a span of few hours to drain. But that for sexual activity takes just a few minutes.

3. Take one of the PDE-5 inhibitors at its recommended timing and dose. Follow the company and doctor’s instructions. For example, take Viagra – sildenafil – some 30-45 minutes before attempting to have intercourse while the stomach is at least half empty.

Why? Such detailed use timing gives the body a better degree and timing to reach optimal absorption and blood level so to help the penis function better if personal overall functional reserve for erection is still reasonable.

 And also:

4. Do not take PDE-5 inhibitors while being on any forms of nitrate. And make sure not to use PDE-5 inhibitors within 6 hours after taking alpha-blockers like Tamsulosin (Flomax). This is because taking these drugs together may induce a big drop in blood pressure leading to heart attack or stroke.

5. Besides, be patient to give a longer time so to allow optimal mental and physical stimulation. That is, foreplay in order to induce an erection. The process of sexual arousal widely varies among men reflecting their age, overall health state, and medical background.

erectile dysfuntion

Conclusion / Summary

Over my 37-year medical practice in urology, I have confirmed that the above advice is effective and safe.  In fact, this approach works much better and safer than just popping in pills alone.

Of course, no care is uniformly good for all. This is because all persons have their own makeup. From the past accumulation of life (genetic background and past lifestyle). This leads to various levels of functional deficiency in different parts of the body. If the said functional deficiency is at its early stage, and mild, these patients may find the medication works wonderfully for them. If functional deficiency evolves to a worse degree. Which may be way beyond what medication can help.  These patients may find the medication does work poorly or not work at all and disappoint.

If not working as wished or expected, seek further professional evaluation. This is so you can find potentially modifiable factors for adjusting the deserved care as needed.  Before going to see doctors, you may peruse the articles in  This enables you to work better and closer with the doctor to get the right care.

Let’s Hear From You

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Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.
Certified urologist, Award-winning author, Public speaker

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4 Replies to “When and How to Take Medications for Erectile Dysfunction?”

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