About Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Origin, Education, Post-graduate Training, & Medical Practice

Dr. Lin was born in 1944 as the eldest child of six siblings in a farming family in Taiwan. Over there, he  earned MD degree in 1970 after attending Kaohsiung Medical University in Kaohisung, Taiwan for 7 years. Afterward,  he served 1-year mandatory Taiwan Air Force as a second lieutenant in medicine. Later, he completed a 3-year general surgical  residency in 1974.

In 1974, he came to the US to pursue surgical specialty training in urology through the U of Missouri Medical Center for 1 year, the U of Nebraska Medical Center for 1 year, and the U of Michigan Medical Center for 4 years. In 1980, he completed urology residency there; in 1981, he passed board-certification at the first attempt.

Right after residency, he started private medical practice in urology for the following 25 years to raise the family. In 2005, he closed office to assume locum urologist assignments for as short as 3 months to as long as 9 years in 3 military hospitals and 4 VA Medical Centers.

Currently, he lives with my lovely wife of 46 years. They raised a daughter who married an Irish gentleman with a 11-year son and a 7-year daughter, and a son who married an Irish lady with 3 sons of 8, 6, and 4 years respectively. It is fun to play with these 5 grandchildren.

In August, 2017, Dr. Lin retired at age 73, but not tired. Fortunately, he retains an excellent mental and physical health. So he is working hard full-time to learn how to build and navigate websites so to deliver active health-related online services for more people to live a controlled, realistic, happy life, that is, his professional passion and mission. In fact, the website you are surfing now is his digital baby – www.ebettercare.com, aka, Global Better Care.

In February, 2014, Dr. Lin joined www.healthtap.com – a Telemedicine company, which recruited more than 108,000 qualified licensed doctors from various disciplines to answer medically related questions online for people around the world FREE charge to the patients if not at the appointed schedule of virtual practice and counseling. So far, he has helped more than 35.6 million patients online int he world under his credit.



Is to strive medical care way beyond medication and/or surgery alone and help people in a larger scale than one by one at office

Within two years in medical practice, Dr. Lin quickly realized and noticed that a better medical care can and should be delivered by implementing quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession as the core foundation of all health care.


Belief in Truth and Facts of Life:

  • The first step to overcome dismay and correct mistakes is to realize, understand, and accept the currently available truth and facts of life.
  • Medical professionals have never cured anything for anyone, but just help reasonable patients understand and modify something to some degree with/without medication and/or surgery at a reasonable time in a reasonable way.
  • Every life event always results from its lifelong making and displays on its unique pattern of the full spectrum.
  • More? Go to the articles listed in http://formefirst.com/onLifeBasics.html.

Dr. Lin’s Books


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Pinnacle Book Achievement Award 2011, the Winner of How-To



Favorite Topics for Speaking Engagements

  • How to live a long happy life?
  • How to look nicer, feel better, and live longer?
  • Ways to overcome stress and depression?
  • How to enhance the quality of marriage realistically and effectively?
  • How to uplift corporate productivity beyond traditional raise, recognition, and empowerment at work?


More About Dr. Chin-Ti Lin

Besides the above activities, Dr. Lin has engaged in Telemedicine or online virtual practice since February 2014, and he has earned many honors in annual Top Doctor Competition; those from Top Doctor Competition Spring 2017 are:




Top Urologist in the Nation, Top Doctor Competition Spring  2017




Thought Leader in Michigan, Top Doctor Competition Spring 2017

Top Doctor in Michigan, Top Doctor Competition Spring 2017

Top Urologist the NationSpring 2017
Thought Leader MichiganSpring 2017
Top Doctor MichiganSpring 2017
Most Influential the Ann Arbor RegionSpring 2017
Founding Knowledge Editor RoanokeWinter 2016
Top Doctor VirginiaWinter 2016
Top Urologist NationalSpring 2016
Most Influential Doctor VirginiaSpring 2016
Most Influential Doctor VirginiaWinter 2015
Top Urologist NationalWinter 2015
Top Urologist NationalFall 2015
Hippocrates Award NationalSummer 2015
Top Urologist NationalSpring 2015
Most Influential Roanoke RegionSpring 2015
Thought Leader Roanoke RegionSpring 2015
Most Loved Doctor NationalWinter 2015
Most Influential Doctor VirginiaFall 2014
Top Urologist NationalFall 2014
Top Doctor VirginiaFall 2014
Thought Leader VirginiaFall 2014
Top Doctor VirginiaSpring 2014
Top Urologist NationalSpring 2014
Top Doctor VirginiaSummer 2014
Top Urologist NationalSummer 2014
Most Influential Doctor Roanoke RegionSummer 2014
Thought Leader Doctor VirginiaSummer 2014
Thought Leader Second Place VirginiaSpring 2016
Top Doctor Second Place NationalSpring 2016
Thought Leader Second Place VirginiaWinter 2015
Top Doctor Second Place VirginiaWinter 2015
Top Doctor Second Place VirginiaFall 2015
Thought Leader Second Place VirginiaFall 2015
Thought Leader Second Place VirginiaSpring 2014
Most Influential DoctorThird Place VirginiaFall 2015
Top DoctorThird Place VirginiaSpring 2015


Dr. Lin attended schools for some 20 years and received postgraduate training for some 10 years. In 1980, he completed urology residency and passed  board certification in 1981.

He is an award-winning author. From now on, he dedicates all his time and energy in online health-related counseling and service. If you like what you see, please help spread the words as your best possible compliment to me, that is, much better than saying thank-you alone. Of course, please leave your comments so he can do more and better for you and others around the world.


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