You have come to the Right Place to enable yourself  not just to look nicer, feel better, and live longer, but also to materialize your deserved dream to live a controlled, realistic, long, happy life.


How? All the contents for the related subjects and solutions could be found in the following RESOURCES:

1. Perfect Sex for men & for the women who love them, published in 1998
ISBN: 1-882792-51-3. To view its content, click Perfect Sex; to buy, click

2. What is Life? – to live a controlled, realistic, happy life; an award-winning book.
ISBN: 1-4196-1902-0. To view its contents, click Facts of Life. It was published in January 2011 and has earned two awards.
Available at .

3. Peacemaking – for detail, just click the following blue words
Preface;Introduction; – Approach; – What is life?Strategy and Tactics; – Application;Conclusion ..  This book is available to read FREE.


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So, your dream to look nicer, feel better, and live longer may come true.



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