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How to Handle Reality on Sex, Contraception, and Life

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How to Handle Reality on Sex, Contraception, and Life

Properly managing the chores and tasks of daily life could not be overstressed. Notably, the ramifying issues from sex naturally come alone. So, let us explore the pertinence on Reality on Sex, Contraception, and Life as follows:

We are going to address:

  • What is Sex in Sexuality?
  • What is the Goal od Sex Life?
  • How Can We Get It Done with A Reasonable Balance Between Pleasure and Reality?

on What is Sex in Sexuality?

Literally, we usually relate sex with sexual intercourse or coitus, and sex is a part of life while sexuality is the wholeness of sex life. We all agree that the primary goal of sex is to procreate but with an attachment of pursuing sexual pleasure and gratification which could be an instinctive incentive of the nature to urge us to mate and allow the existence of generation by generation to recycle incessantly.

As we civilized, the contents of sex life has gone ways beyond the context of procreation and primitive pleasure. Such a trend has become more revealing and intense over the last century, especially over the last 3-4 decades, in which sex revolution has been unfolding to its extreme.

As a result, more and more unwedded or even unwanted pregnancy and children come along to bring about tons of personal and social burdens.  Therefore, we are compelled to address the potentially ramifying implications of sex life.

Hence, without a discussion on the Reality on Sex, Contraception, and Life, the talk on sex life would not be complete. Why? Clear and simple. To be truly happy in life, we have to balance or reciprocate not just asserting the related/pertinent rights but also fulfilling the related/pertinent obligations.

So, let us talk about What is Sexuality?

In my view, sexuality is the expression or display of personal unique spiritual and physical ability, which we learned and accumulated over lifetime, to interact with the opposite sex, who may be our spouse, girlfriend, daughter, granddaughter, and anyone we may meet in offices, on streets, in malls, in airports, in bus stations, or in beautiful scenery, within which we know when and how to interact with them so to conform with social, cultural, gender etiquettes for fulfilling a harmonious daily living without being perceived as sexual inappropriateness or offense.

Then we troll and roll along the track of our life can capture the sense of comfort and control, which helps project and radiate personal satisfaction and happiness. If not, we may run into the trouble like that happened to an former US president, who displayed his sexuality with a wrong person, an intern, at a wrong place, the White House, and in a wrong time, office hours.

For his own defense, he had to get on TV to lower his eyeglasses and wiggle his pointing right index finger to look at the inquirers and audience and said he never had any relationship with that woman, which left behind and become a famous iconic American presidential gesture. This story poses no offense but restates the facts.

on What is the Goal of Life and How Do We Fulfill It?

The goal of life has remained the same forever for any entities regardless of race, gender, religion, occupation, education, location, and time, that is, for survival, growth, and continuation through the constant path to observe, search, collect, analyze, summarize, and perfect all the potential means to fulfill the matters for foods and sex life by recycling the process of eating, peeing, pooping, and mating.

on Why Does Contraception Come to the Scene of Discussing Sex and Life?

Procreation or reproduction is the most primitive goal of sex life so we have our share to get on today’s stage of life in this planet. The ultimate goal of upraising is to make our children capable to recycle the process of survival, growth, and continuation as described above, and it is very costly in finance and time, which are the unavoidable price we have to pay if wanting to enjoy our share of traditional pleasure, responsibilitym and honor of life.

As a result, most people just simply can not afford to go through a full steam of parental duty to raise many kids, and they have to calculate and plan how many children the couples would like to have. The pressuring affordability to raise children affects not just personal but social life. That is why and how no-scalpel vasectomy emerged in China as the most definite feasible way to control population by lowering birth rate. Hence the demand for contraception heightened.

on How Many Methods are Available for Contraception?

The imagination goes and explores all possible means to prevent sperms to meet and fertilize a timely waiting egg, that are, blocking egg or sperm transportation with tubal ligation or vasectomy, or aborting egg production by taking birth control pills to manipulate sex hormones via oral or implantation routes. or preventing ejaculation inside the vagina with timely penile withdrawal at the verge of ejaculation, or calculating menstrual cycle for safety.

Among all available contraceptive methods, vasectomy leads the pack of all contraceptives in considering its simplicity and effectiveness.

on How Successful are the Available Contraceptives?

Methods                                                                                Actual Success Rate         Theoretical Success Rate ==============================================================================

Evera patch                                                                                92%                                             99.7%
Pill-combined                                                                            92%                                              99.7%
-progestin                                                                                   92%                                              99.7%
Nuvaring                                                                                     92%                                              99.7%
– Copper T                                                                                  99.2%                                           99.4%
– Levonorgenestrel (Mirena)                                                  99.9%                                           99.9%
Diaphragm-Spermicide                                                          84%                                               94%
& male condom no confirmed data                                      99%
Female condom alone                                                             79%                                               95%
Male condom alone                                                                 85%                                               98%
Spermicides                                                                              71%                                                82%
Tubal ligation                                                                           99.5%                                            99.5%
Vasectomy                                                                         99.85%                                       99.9%

Cervical cap -women have had children                68%                                             74%
Cervical cap-women have not had …                       84%                                             91%
Depo-provera                                                                   97%                                              99.95%
Sponge-women have had children                          68%                                              80%
Sponge-women have not had children                   84%                                              91%
Fertility awareness method                                        75%                                              95-97%
Withdrawal                                                                        73%                                             96%
NO METHOD (Chance)                                                  15%                                             15%

This table is adopted from

on What Should We Do in Doubt for Becoming Pregnant?

As we can see, there has been no known contraceptives carrying a 100% of success. Nowadays, more than 20 brands of HPT (home pregnancy test) kits are available for self testing at home and they carry a claimed accuracy up to 99% although a 95% accuracy is more realistic.

So, do HPT (home pregnancy test) in one week after missing period (menstruation), and repeat HPT in another week if the first HPT is negative and still in doubt.

However, if still in doubt after HPT as described above, seek timely evaluation and counseling by personal obs/gyn doctors.

Conclusion and Summary

As disclosed above, the importance and fun of sex are evidenced. While we celebrate its related joy, we should never forget and ignore its related responsibility. To manage these inherent consequence, we have to take an appropriate precaution to put our life under a better controllable path fo life adventure.

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