A Clear Tip on How to Eat Healthier – Be Moderate, Never Perfect

Face disturbing life reality

Saying something to be perfect or best is always welcome and deeply liked. To meet the high demand of political correctness, saying such will perfectly fit. Yet the notion of “Be Moderate, Never Perfect” remains a clear tip on how to eat healthier as an indispensable part of healthy living.

But in reality, a best or perfect condition has never happened. At best, shouting something perfect or best merely reflects a momentary whim after a suiting event. So, a saying of “In life, perfection would and will never be, but perfecting should be.” has been around in many people’s minds.

Why do I remind myself and many others of this simple fact? It is because a disturbing lawsuit has been going on in the California against coffee shops with alleging and accusing coffee contains an alarming content and level of a cancer-causing agent – acrylamide.

What is acrylamide?

It is one of the most common found contaminants in foods, and a byproduct of baking, roasting, and toasting starchy foods – carbohydrates.

According to Dr. Ken Spaeth, chief of environmental medicine at Northwell Health in Manhasset, N.Y., many foods like coffee, bread, and French fries contain a relatively high concentration of acrylamide. But the extent of acrylamide-related cancer risk is still unclear to date. In contrast, there have been a significant evidence to support that regular coffee drinking may have some protective effect against certain types of cancer by its high
levels of antioxidants.

Dr. Stephanie Bernik, chief of surgical oncology at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, agreed to the above, and she stressed that the current allegation is based on the studies in lab rats and such concern may not translate to the humans.

How does our body protect us to live a long happy life?

Known to us, who and what we are represent who and what we have been, and will make who and what we will be.

The contents of who and what we are consist of genetic factors of unknown strength and the accumulation of what happened to us including all
matters of lifestyle, upraising, and all forms of education. In reality, we cannot alter the strength genetic factors but we can do something in the acquired field of life chiefly lifestyle so to uplift our energy and ability to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living.

Physically, our body solely relies on the function of the liver to metabolize and detoxicate what we take in. In generally, the liver of almost all people can handle these jobs well with personal unique range of functionality. However, the range of liver functionality widely vary among people and not clinically be detectable. So, of no choice, we should respect and stick to the rule of moderation without overindulgence and obsession.

What should we do in facing such controversies?

Before dipping into answer, let us review some aspects of life realities.

Of note, for decades, similar controversies over many medical events like drugs, tests, diets, etc. have involved in and disturbed many people’s life. Some common examples for drugs are those to lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, and to regulate mood; for tests, like PSA (prostate specific antigen) and fat lipids; for diets, many dietary regimens have been promoted with various audience and followers but yet comes with variable even conflicting results.


In sum, it is impossible to consume foods with a perfect safety. Fortunately, we have a highly versatile functioning liver to metabolize and detoxicate many unwanted substances, but only to an ill-defined degree. To reasonably overcome such unconquerable uncertainty of life reality, the practice of consuming foods and drinks in moderation is the real key answer so to assert the importance to take in “A Clear Tip on How to Eat Healthier – Be Moderate, Never Perfect” and translate it into daily living.

And the full power of healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession will prevail to work for our best possible benefits and advantage.

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James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of www.ForMeFirst.com

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One Reply to “A Clear Tip on How to Eat Healthier – Be Moderate, Never Perfect”

Eric Chen

February 26, 2018 at 4:16 pm

Hi Jame,

Great article! I guess I should read the news more often because I am a daily coffee consumer and had no idea about the cancer-causing agent – acrylamide.

I totally agree with moderate consumption is the best key of advice. Like you said, nothing is perfectly safe and this brings me back to a somewhat irrelevant idea of yin yang. – Too much or too little is not good. We need to find the median when it comes to our life and the same goes for food consumption.

Kind Regards,


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