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What are the Most Logical Steps to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?


Getting the best care for any illness has always been the desirable matter for patients, family, and others who care. Likewise, this applies to the care for erectile dysfunction. In daily living, we hear something is best or perfect all the time although something best or perfect has never really happened.

At best, saying something is best or perfect is merely a momentary personal expression at seeing what is accomplished to fit what one likes, loves, wants, and needs at the time and location under the said circumstances. Soon afterward, when circumstances change, the feeling of perfection vanishes almost instantly.

erectile dysfuntion

Then a desire to be better or a sense of regret emerges and brews into the next desire for actions so to repeat the endless cycle of decision-making and action-taking all day long.

But, in reality, and common sense, every event bears its own cause and consequence, always results from multiple factors, and always displays on its pattern of the full spectrum along its constantly changing and adjusting dynamic course. In short, every event is conditional.

So, understandably and at best and most, we may and can manage an event or illness in the most reasonable fashion – never best or perfect.


The Most Logical Steps to Treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

1. Understand the truth and facts of life and ED; its causes,

So what are the causes of erectile dysfunction? They are, but not limited to, the followings:

1). Any conditions affecting the vessels supplying blood and the nerves regulating blood vessel and muscles of the penis so to assure adequate inflow and outflow of blood under normal mental and physical stimulation.

2). Always a result of multiple factors, which may be classified into 3 groups – mental or psychological, physical reasons, and mixed (mental and physical). This classification is purely for ease and convenience of understanding and explanation.

3). In fact, medical professionals can not cure ED for anyone, but help reasonable patients modify something for someone to some degree with/without medications and/or surgery at a reasonable time in a reasonable way.

4). Make sure to receive the treatment that you need and, if any possible, not just the care options that you like because what you like oftentimes is not what you need; vice versa.

5). Despite continually observing medical advance in diagnosis and treatment which has led many to an unrealistic high expectation for “cure”, all the care is still based on indirect evidence resulting from our continual collection and analysis of available experience, thereby, some reasonable care is suggested and recommended. But all the care options are still under constant scrutiny and modification.

2. Make sure to have a systemic comprehensive evaluation and counseling.

Before receiving treatment for ED, this step is a very important one to take in order to decide what you need and what the consequence (potential adverse effects, cost, and inconvenience) might be, as described in the articles listed in How to Handle Sickness. erectile dysfunction

3. Understand the reasonable options and their sequence of care, which have been much studied, suggested, confirmed, and formulated as follows:

  1. A practice of quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession so to build, preserve, and maintain optimal mental and physical health, which can supply sufficient energy and ability to effectively handle all the chores and tasks of daily living, naturally, sex life included.
  2. Behavioral modification.
  3. Judicious use of natural supplements, which oftentimes are optional.
  4. Judicious use of one of PDE-5 inhibitors (phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors).
  5. Judicious use of penile vacuum pump
  6. Self-injection of alprostadil (prostaglandin E-1 or PGE-1) to the penis as instructed.
  7. Implant penile prosthesis  (penile implant).


Of note, some minor adjustments in the timing and dose of medications, and the sequence of applying the above options may need to be individualized reflecting patient’s understanding, expectation, cooperation, general health, the specific health of heart and brain, and the use of other medication.

Such adjustments and decisions arrive often after joint consultation and counseling to assess the balance of risks and benefits. So, please work closely with your doctors.

Furthermore, we need to accept however that behind what we have known always still hides a lot of what we do not know.


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