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How To Use Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction?

How To Use Penis Pump for Erectile Dysfunction?


Might you have heard the need to use penis pump along the course of care for erectile dysfunction (ED)? Before this step of care for ED, I am quite sure that you have already gone through the process of making the diagnosis, understanding its causes, planning its treatment, etc.
The logical process of medical care always starts out with the less invasive and expensive options. Likewise, for ED, its reasonable sequence of care is as follows:

  • Detailed history taking, physical exam, and needed testing;
  • Try behavioral modification with judicious use of natural pills or prescribed medication with care;
  • Try penile pump or penile self-injection or urethral suppository of alprostadil, that is, prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1);
  • Consider penile implant as the last resort of care.

For more general information on pump device and ED, click on Erectile Dysfunction: Vacuum Constriction Devices.

What is the penis pump?

A penis pump is also called VCD or VED. VCD stands for vacuum constriction device; VED, for vacuum erection device.

What are its components and how does it work and look like?

It consists of an about 1-foot long acrylic cylinder of some 2-inch diameter to fit onto the base of the penis, a constriction ring or band placed at the other end of the device so to slide it onto the base of the penis while the blood is sucked into penile sponge body to achieve erection with the power of vacuum generated by hand-help pump or by battery-run pump. In short, it has 3 components – a cylinder + a ring + pumping device.

In use, you need to make sure the following are ready:

1. You are in the best possible mental and physical fitness usually after a period of good rest like after a sound sleep.

2. Have partner ready to cooperate to enjoy sexual intercourse and gratification.

3. Have all components of pump device and lubricant ready to be used and applied.

4. Of course, master the needed skills on how to use pump device correctly.

As to the look of various kinds of the penile pump, you can find their related pictures from all related websites.

Who are the penis pump manufacturers?

Since the advent of the penis pump in the 1990s, too many types of variations of penile pumps have been designed to meet the high demand for an affordable price and its ease to use. But, they all serve the same purpose – help achieve an erection after failing medical treatment.

In fact, you may type: penile pump for erectile dysfunction, or penile+pump+for+erectile+dysfunction, etc., you will instantly see many websites provide the information and the pump-related products for you to choose from.

But which one is more suitable for your need? Checking with your doctors, usually, urologists are the most advisable way to do before spending money on these products. Of course, such a professional collaboration still can not guarantee all the products purchased will fit you perfectly. This is life reality to help decrease unavoidable frustration.

If still in doubt, talk with your doctors or contact Dr. Lin for personal online counseling at very affordable cost.

How to use a penis pump?

The steps of its proper use are:

  • Place the lubricated end of the pump cylinder onto the base of the penis as instructed for proper sealing off, then the vacuum pumping begins with hands or by a battery-powered device as instructed.
  • Pump the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum so to draw and suck the blood into erection chambers of the penis. Thereby, penis engorges and erection appears.
  • Soon the penis is erect to the degree suitable for you as individually instructed, slide the retaining band down and onto the base of the penis.
  • Remove the pump after releasing the vacuum, and you are ready for sexual intercourse provided the partner is also ready just like what you would do before for love-making.

Who is suitable to use the penis pump?

Penis pump or VCD or VED may be tried and used for almost all men with ED from a wide range of causes and after failing to behavioral modifications + optional supplements/pills + prescribed medications.

After proper counseling for realistic expectation, this device is the good choice of next step care for ED as long as your manual dexterity, mental acceptance, and partner collaboration are reasonably in place.

But, be aware that you have to dedicate your time and effort to learn how to use properly. This scenario of using the penile pump is just like a man buys all golf balls and clubs to play and pursue the fun from golfing. All fancy golf balls and clubs in hands would not guarantee him to have the fun of golfing. To assure enjoying the golfing fun, he has to be willing to learn and practice over and over until he knows and masters how to swing clubs correctly.
Likewise, it is a must for you to dedicate your time and effort to learn how to use it properly.

Of note, however, some men may not suitable to use penis pump due to:

  • Severe obesity, which prevents him from seeing the penis, the scrotum, and the pump for properly applying the device;
  • Too much laxity of local tissues like the soft fats around the pubic region and the scrotum, which may lead to sucking in those soft tissues into the pump, although how to position the pump could be modified for better fitness.

Therefore, it is important for you to be evaluated and examined so to reasonably judge if the penile pump could be suitable for you. After counseling and acquiring a PUMP, you may try its use by following the instructions at the medical office and those come along with the device in written form or video.

If still unable to fit and use properly as usually expected, it is a good idea to bring the whole set of the PUMP with you to see the doctor or her/his specially designated assistant for specific observation, modification, and instruction. If still failing to use the PUMP despite after such a joint effort on learning how to use it, the care for your ED may have to move to the next step like penile self-injection of alprostadil… eventually, penile implants if it is suitable for your need.

What are the precautions at using the penis pump?

The following points are common and worthwhile to take notes of:

  1. Follow instructions as provided at doctor’s office, or from the manufacturers with instructional writing statement or video;
  2. Expect slight local discomfort or ache or bruise for some patients;
  3. Do not use penile pump if the use of blood thinners is well monitored;
  4. Instantly release the vacuum pressure if discomfort is unbearable;
  5. Bring the entire set of the device to see your doctor for repeating instruction to assure you use the device correctly if you experience some difficulty in applying the pump.


ED is common and happens to some 50% of men after age 40.

Of no doubt, penile pump (VCD or VED) has its position in taking care of men with ED after failure to respond to conservative care including behavioral modifications stressing the healthy lifestyle and judicious use of prescribed medications such as PDE-5 inhibitors, vasodilators, and androgens.

Despite its inherent inconvenience and possible local discomfort, some 80-90% of its users claimed to achieve a reasonable satisfaction for erection and performance.

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