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High-quality Healthy Lifestyle as the Core Foundation of All Health Care

Five Key Points for Practicing a Healthy Lifestyle

Everything provided herein is directed to promote the sure means on how we can live a controlled realistic long and happy life. The key to materialize such a dream is quality-healthy lifestyle without over-indulgence and obsession.

So how do you live a healthy lifestyle? Let’s focus on this subject below.

Since lifestyle is a personal matter, I would describe quality healthy lifestyle as high-quality direct self-service. Why? It is because no one may and can determine how we live or choose our lifestyle but ourselves.

healthy lifestyle

What is High-Quality Direct Self-Service?

It consists of the following five items:

  • Eat, enjoy, and control foods and drinks, but do not let both control you;
  • Keep up daily quality mental and physical exercises, but avoid any forms of overindulgence and obsession; 
  • Sleep well and sound for at least 6-8 hours every day;
  • Meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;
  • Follow currently available reasonable, realistic medical advice as needed.


How can a healthy lifestyle do so much good for you?

If we imbibe and let the high-quality lifestyle, that is, the magic power of healthy living, rule our lives, it will, in turn, give us the best possible hope of maintaining and sustaining free-flowing circulation that will bring and distribute all the needed nutrients to nourish all the tissues and organs of our bodies to keep our bodies working in their best functional state for as long as possible.

Then as you can imagine, practicing a healthy lifestyle will help you gain more energy and the ability to effectively manage the unavoidable long list of relationships with immediate and distant family members, relatives, friends, co-workers, organizations, within the country and worldwide, successfully.

In short, high-quality healthy lifestyle or the Magic Power of Healthy Lifestyle can benefit us immensely with the followings:

  1. Maintain and sustain a sure circulation to bring nutrients to nurture tissues and organs;
  2. Generate more energy and ability;
  3. Gain better mental acuity and physical agility;
  4. Make us able to learn more and keep more of what you learn;
  5. Enable us to make good and right decisions and take good and right actions, thereby leading to generate good results from what you do in personal and professional chores and task.
  6. Then, we can naturally capture and secure a sense of comfort and control of life;
  7. Finally, a real genuine happiness will arrive at our hearts, clinch to us, and stay with us forever.

Naturally, we can climb to a higher mountaintop of readiness and preparedness to serve, care, love, talk, and play with our families, relatives, friends, coworkers … with better quality and in a longer time to come.

Incidentally, this lifelong passion to go beyond medication and surgery coincides and resonates with a powerful message delivered by Dr. Joe Vitale to the American Writer & Artists Inc. (or AWAI) 2007 Bootcamp: Enrich ourselves first so we can help others more ….

Don’t you like it? And that’s obviously within all willing souls’ reach

So, practicing quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession should be not only the very core foundation of better health medical care no matter who, what, and where we are but also the key to longevity and happiness.

Now, just grab these messages and translate them into actions for your own good forever. Then we can possess and enjoy an active, vibrant, long, and happy life.

Best wishes for good health, happy life, and lots of fun in years to come.


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