What Should You Do When You Feel and Become Sick?

By | November 1, 2017

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No matter what we may have done, certain sickness may strike some of us. This may occur at various degree of severity at a certain point along our life path. When you feel and become sick, what should you do? No matter whatever the sickness may be, you have to determine to win such an invisible war for life.

So, What Should You Do When You Feel and Become Sick? or How to Handle Sickness?

You can make the process on how to take care of your sickness simple, straightforward, and easy by following the steps below:

  • Complete History Taking: At the strike of illness, instantly and carefully, collect and bring the detailed information on the onset. On the degree, duration, interval, progress, evolution, and resolution of all the related symptoms. But stress the sequence of events to the doctor for review and analysis.
  • Perform Physical Examination: At the doctor office, s/he will perform a thorough systemic physical examination. This is to assure the state of your general health. And the possible significant finding directly related to your symptoms. The doctor will then review the info you brought with you and further inquiry to confirm all your symptoms are accurate.
  • Other Laboratory Tests and/or Imaging Studies as needed:

Laboratory testing may include:

  1. Blood – for general health with electrolytes, blood sugar, complete blood counts. Or for targeting specific organs/systems. Like liver function tests, kidney function tests, blood lipid profile, drug screening, STD screening, etc. to fit individual need.
  2. Urine – a general routine urinalysis (UA) with chemstrip alone with/without microscopic examination and/or urine culture. Occasionally, a 24-hour urine testing may be required like that for patients with the recurrent urinary stone disease. Also for those suspected to have adrenal dysfunction or suspected kidney failure, etc.
  3. Imaging Studies: Its options are ultrasound studies (ultrasonography), computerized tomography (CT scan); MRI; PET scan. Also angiography for vessels, heart, kidneys, or specific organs.
  4. Others like voiding chart, urodynamic studies for bladder function, etc. By combining all the above together, your doctor will more likely be able to deduce the accurate possible diagnoses. And offer the best possible reasonable treatment, care, and counseling for you to ease current suffering. And speed up recovery as well as minimize and even avoid recurrence. Then you get the best possible hope to live a longer, happier life.

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How has this approach worked?

Dr. Lin’s 47-years experience in medical practice has confirmed this approach to be practical and effective on its best possible merits and capacity for all his patients or anyone following his advice. That is all anyone can do in life-reality.


It allows your doctor to analyze the available information on the quality, quantity, and sequence of events of all symptoms in detail. Then s/he will know which organs or systems may be the focus of suspicion. And to objectively define and confirm the best possible diagnosis with physical examinations and timely testing. So the most reasonable treatment, care, and counseling can be provided for you.

Although you would expect and like to see an improvement in symptoms and general well-being. Most of the time, it may not always be in the way and direction you like.

Occasionally, the expected improvement may not be as fast and much as you may expect. And the course of the sickness may instead worsen in attesting:

  • In medicine, doctors have never cured anything for anyone. But, at most and at best, just help the patients to understand and modify something for some conditions. To some degree with or without drugs and/or procedures at reasonable time in a reasonable way to reasonable patients;
  • Behind what we know always hides something we may still not know. This is a reality of life.
  • Life is a constantly changing. Adjusting to the dynamic process of struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living. For survival, growth, and continuation from inception and eternity.
  • In spite of medical advances, all medical care is still based on indirect evidence. Evidence resulting from collecting and analyzing all available experience.

Therefore, it is mandatory to work closely with your doctor. By reporting what may be unexpected in the clinical course or side effects from treatment on time. So your doctor can reassess your condition and modify the direction of care for you.

I hope the above information will guide you to get the best possible medical care you deserve.

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Special Note

Don’t panic, but faithfully practice high-quality healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession. This is the core foundation of all health/medical care irrespective of who, when, what, and how you are.

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9 thoughts on “What Should You Do When You Feel and Become Sick?

  1. Jimmy Dolo

    Dr. Chin, I was once diagnosed to have a heart enlargement through a 2D echo. Since that time my doctor prescribed medicines for my heart. For more than two years I followed the doctor’s advise but I found myself the more I am into illness than before. I was taking four medicines each day and I feel as if the medicine is not good for me. For the heart, for hypertension, for a migraine, for a muscle relaxant and others.

    Through consultations with my doctor, I discontinued the muscle relaxant causing my snoring. we changed my medicine for a migraine. But there is one thing I did without the doctor’s knowledge, I stopped taking the medicine to my heart. It has been five years now and I feel better and I’m still living.

    My question is, is the ultrasound result reliable in all cases like heart problems? Or it can be manipulated that makes a person sick even without having the real illness?

    1. James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Post author

      Hi! Jimmy, Thank you for visiting http://www.ebettercare.com. To get more insights on how to live a long happy life, welcome to peruse articles listed in http://www.formefirst.com. For your specific question on if ultrasound is reliable in all cases like heart problems, I would like to remind each other that any test or study has its own limitation in term of its sensitivity and specificity to reveal its significance to a patient, and the finding or report has to be always correlated with individual clinical profile so to deduce its significance. Regarding the second question, I do believe you refer manipulation to chiropractic manipulation, am I correct? If yes, it should not make a person sick but some local or regional soreness afterwards is expected. Before going further in discussion, I highly recommend you to take time and patience to peruse articles in Basics of Life Reality on http://formefirst.com/onLifeBasics.html and How to Handle Sickness on http://formefirst.com/onDealSickness.html. Thereby you gain more insight on how to work well with your doctor so to reach a right diagnosis for right care. My e-mail is realinct2002@yahoo.com. Again, thank you for visiting my site. Besides, I appreciate your positive comments and supports if you feel the contents are valuable to you. Best wish to your health….

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    1. admin Post author

      Appreciate your praise, but I do not mind to hear something adequate to excel audience engagement if any. This is the only way to effectively spread the words benefitting more people in the world timely correctly.

      Best to health and success, James

    2. Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Post author

      Hi! Kaju,
      I do appreciate your positive comment on the value of the post. Please keep in a close touch so together we can make our world a better place for all to live. Best wish to your health and success,


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