excel and succeed in life

How to Excel and Succeed in Life – The Simplest and Clearest Realistic Formula

How to Excel and Succeed in Life

– The Simplest and Clearest Realistic Formula

excel and succeed in life

Introduction and Perspective

The notion of how to excel and succeed in life equates that of how to make the best or most use of life.

I hope we all agree to this saying, which has been the real focus of our upbringing and education so we can survive, grow, and live a long happy life.

However, in the real world, such a notable perspective of life has failed to materialize along this line of such hope and wish. Why? This question has been nudging me for decades to ponder over it.  As a result, the simplest and clearest formula has been slowly emerging on the horizon of my envision. Now this formula appears in its highest clarity, at least, to me.

So, please allow me to share this with you – and all other willing souls. Hopefully, it becomes easily achievable by all humanity.

Along with my postgraduate study in medicine and 37-year medical practice in urology, I have observed, confirmed, and proved this formula on how to excel and succeed in life has worked well and benefited many of my patients and their family members whom I interacted with and touched. Here are the key points of the formula:

Why are we (most of us) not happy despite…?

This very question has been exhaustively explored by all sorts of professionals dealing with personal and social chaos. The common answer to this question has been much formulated to advise the following:

  • behave well with smiling all the time
  • be polite
  • dress neat and nice
  • be honest
  • work hard
  • share, etc.

All these teachings and suggestions are, in a sense, to be a form of external social coercion. As a result, we see and know that, under the surface of their smiles, most people are still unhappy.

How can we find the solutions or answer this question? It is easy! And we can find it everywhere we go.

But our ongoing social atmosphere has prohibited and prevented most of us from learning and knowing the answer to “why are we not happy?”. Why do I say it this way?  It is because you, like me, have heard and seen babies crying everywhere – home, shopping malls, airports, train stations, kindergartens, or streets.

Why do the babies cry? For what? Clear to all of us, they cry because they could not get what they like, want, need, or love at the time and location under the circumstance. If you give them what they like, want, need, or love…, I can guarantee they will instantly turn a crying face to a smiling one and they become happy again.

How about we adults? We would do and behave exactly in the same way like the babies do. But there are two differences between babies and adults.

What are these two differences?

First one is we adults would not cry lightly in front of the public like babies. Where would we cry then? We cry behind closets within the darkness of privacy so we can preserve our superficial ego and adult maturity.

Second is if we like, want, need, or love something, we totally rely on the outcome we can do at the time and location under the circumstance unless we are totally disabled by aging or diseases or both.

This is common sense, is that right to you? Then, How can we get what we like, want, need, or love? Again, common sense has told us that we adults have to overcome two steps of a challenge at the time and location under the circumstance every single time.

What are these two steps of challenges and how can we overcome these two challenges?

  • First, we have to ask ourselves if we have enough energy and ability to make a good right decision.
  • Second, ask if we have enough energy and ability to take a good right action.

Where do these indispensable energies and the ability for success come from? Do they come from the external social coercion as mentioned above or…?

No, it comes from our deep inner being which synthesizes all details of our past into the required power to forge our success – energy and ability. In a sense, this aspect of living is an internal process of energy production and action delivery.

Now, how can we adults reverse the course and turn our common unhappiness into the joy we want?

Of no doubt, as alluded to above, we need enough energy and ability to conduct right decision-making and action-taking sequentially every time we confront a chore or task to complete. Where do these come from?

It is clear from the end result of high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

excel and succeed in life

What is a quality healthy lifestyle?

It includes 5 ingredients:

1. eat, enjoy, and control foods, and don’t let foods control us;

Radishes, Fruit, Vegetables, Eat, Food

2. practice quality mental and physical exercise every single day, but avoid overindulgence and obsession;

Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual, Mental

3. sleep well and sound for at least 6 to 8 hours every single day, but preferably at night;

Cat, Sleeps, Nicely, Closeup, Housecat

4. meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;

Lotus, Flower, Meditation, Waterlily

5. follow currently available, reasonably, realistic, medical advice as needed.

Computer, Business, Typing, Keyboard

These 5 points will bring us the much desired good mental and physical health, which will possibly form adequate emotional well-being.  Together they form the arsenal for success – Good mental and physical health + adequate emotional well-being.

Where do we acquire the needed arsenal?

It is from “Live Healthier = Look Nicer, Feel Better, and Live Longer” resulting from practicing quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession, which are the most common chronic killers of life.

To me, the sequence of this formula is very logical and doable, but why do most of us fail to practice the said healthy lifestyle? It is because most of us unknowingly fall victim to political correctness (sweet talk and sympathy), highly distorted commercialism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding.

Then, how can we urge and force ourselves to overcome the difficulty to implement healthy lifestyle?

To overcome this odd, we need to heighten our sense of need and urgency by realizing:

  1. There is no other better option around to forge enough energy and ability but healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.
  2. No one can do this for us.
  3. There are no FREE meals, but hard work.

Conclusion / Summary

As discussed and shown so far, to excel and succeed in life and also live a long and happy life is definitely possible and doable if you are ready to turn the dream of living a long happy life into reality by implementing the logic and practice of quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

Furthermore, you can find and explore more details on all life-related issues in the Book – What is Life? To Live a Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life.

Reminder: No matter what and how much we do agree and know, all the above saying remains useless only until we can transform the ideas into effective decision-making and action-taking as a part of our life. Here I wish you all the best to fulfill a controlled, realistic, long, and happy life.

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And I wish you the very best to fulfill a long, active, vibrant life.


James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.       Certified urologist, award-winning author, and founder of www.ForMeFirst.com and www.sick-ask.com

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8 Replies to “How to Excel and Succeed in Life – The Simplest and Clearest Realistic Formula”

Ha Roda

November 1, 2017 at 10:26 pm

Thank you for the reminder. It is refreshing to hear or read from your point of view. As I am growing older, I learn more about myself and appreciate life with family and friends so much more. I am very thankful for great health for myself and my family. I am thankful every day is a new day where I can learn and thrive no matter as any age. I am thankful for coming across your post. Have a wonderful week.



    November 2, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Hi! Ha Roda, Congratulate on being able to capture and secure the sense of being gratified; that is a real blessing. I looked into your sites which provide more of your detailed profile – very inspiring and well worth to share. Thank you.
    Have my best wish to your happiness, health, and success. James


Lauren Kinghorn

October 30, 2017 at 7:54 pm

Aah, awesome, Dr. Lin, we are on the same page (excuse the pun). Thank You for letting me know about your book. I honour and value the contribution you are making to our world.


Lauren Kinghorn

October 27, 2017 at 3:53 am

Fabulous post, Dr. Lin. I really liked your 5 key ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. There are two points I would add that I feel really contribute to our happiness and overall well-being. These are passion and giving. I find life can look very bleak for those who have not found an interest they feel passionate about – it can suddenly feel like our day revolves around only what we have to do and not about the things we want to do. I also find that people do not feel truly successful or happy until they are in a position to give of themselves and do so freely. Contribution provides meaning, significance and is our chance to leave a lasting legacy.



    October 27, 2017 at 6:02 am

    Hi! Lauren, I would like to thank you for and appreciate your point on “a passion to give”, which is not just absolutely correct, but a great complementary to what I meant. To assert this view, I dedicated a chapter to discuss “Self-service and Religous Belief” on page 155 of my award-winning book – “What is Life? To Live A Controlled, Realistic, Happy Life”, in which I started with “Intense service to and preservation of what God give us at birth will make us more productive and capable to spread God’s words and deeds.” For a brief about me and books can be found on https://ebettercare.com/about/. Again, together we can make this world better than ever. I welcome your further comment enabling us to help more people in the world.


paul goodwin

October 24, 2017 at 12:41 pm


This is a very nice website with some great information
and I can see how you are a really caring person and that
is what we all LOVE

Thank you



Joe L

October 22, 2017 at 4:43 pm

Excellent article, Dr. James. You are right, if we want to be happy, we must take care of our bodies, minds, spirits, in short, ourselves. I look forward to reading your book.



    October 23, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Thank you, Joe, for commenting and concurring the content. I always welcome more input to help more others.


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