eWellness Newsletter-4, on Quality of Life

eWellness Newsletter-4

A March to a Long Happy Life for All

On Quality of Life (QOL)


Quality of life or QOL has been a popular phrase or topics used in personal causal chat or academic discussion, largely denoting a welcome lifestyle filled with fulfilling smile, kindness, and generosity, which most people admire and would like to have, enjoy, and teem over for others.

Yet, in reality, the meaning of QOL may widely vary from person to person among their causal chats because they have different past bearing different energy and ability to secure and capture the sense of fulfilling satisfactory QOL fitting personal wish. For the sake of discussion and understanding, I would like to define the desirable QOL as one that can rake in what we like, love, want, and need at the time in a location under the circumstance without incurring damage and expense to others’ well being – pain and suffering.

How could we achieve that level of QOL?

It is doable but not easy. Through my lifelong observation, collection, and analysis, I composed a string of steps to help any willing souls accomplish that level of QOL as follows:

1. The first step is to realize, understand, and accept the available truth and facts of life. If not, we cannot correctly focus on what we like and need to target. Off target, we miss the goals to get what we like, love, want, and need.
2. The only best possible way to get what we like, love, want, and need at the time in a location under the circumstance is to possess an enough amount of energy and ability: first for making good right decisions, and second for taking good right actions.


3. Where and how can we possess such energy and ability?

The way to get is practicing a high-quality healthy lifestyle, this is the core foundation of all healthcare, without overindulgence and obsession, which are the most common chronic killers of life. Thereby, we can gain the best possible mental and physical health, through which we can learn more and retain more what we may have learned.
As a result, we can function better, produce more, become more independent and less burdensome than ever in fulfilling our daily personal and occupational chores and tasks. Consequently, we are more likely to get what we like, love, want, and need at the time in the location under the circumstance. Naturally, we have the best possible hope and opportunity to capture and secure the sense of comfort and control, and a real happiness will emerge, clinch to us, and last forever.
4. Realize and accept the basic facts of life:

  • There is no other better way to go than what described – high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.
  • There is no magic or quick fix, but step by step as outlined though an instant stumbling upon a gold depot is possible like winning a lottery. In reality, most lottery winners lose all in a period of few years.
  • No one else can do these for us but ourselves.
  • Do not be duped by political correctness, i.e., sweet talks and sympathy, which in the long term have never helped us at the lows of life, but the combination of empathy to realize and accept the facts of life and action from within will definitely drive us out of the pits to the highs of life – though nowadays political correctness has almost always preceded the truth and facts of life, which should be the real authority and fair judge of life, not man-made one full of sweet talk and sympathy with no realistically helpful substance.
  • Do not fall victims to political correctness, distorted commercialism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding.
  • The only way can help others is to enrich ourselves with a higher spiritual and physical value, ability, and capacity first by practicing high-quality healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.

5. Wisely use the limited capital of life, which details how to effectively allocate it by defining and deciding what activities are essential or optional.

I do realize the above may not be what most of us like to hear, but I can swear these are what we need to hear.
As a reminder, I would like to stress:

  1. The list the key points of high-quality healthy lifestyle as follows:
  • Eat, enjoy, and control foods, and do not let foods control us;
  • Keep up high-quality mental and physical exercises, but avoid any forms of overindulgence and obsession every day;
  • Sleep well and sound for at least 6-8 hours every single day, preferably at night;
  • Meditate to reinforce spiritual and physical connection, and pray if religious;
  • Follow reasonable realistic medical advice with currently available knowledge, skill, technology, and medication as needed.

2. How to eat healthier, which explains how to eat and drink without an overbearing or overwhelming.

3. How to exercise well and safely, which elaborates how to exercise everywhere anytime easily and safely even without
going  to gym.

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James Chin-Ti Lin, M.D. Certified
urologist, award-winning author, the founders of www.formefirst.com, www.ebettercare.com, www.bestEDcare.com,

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