eWellness Newsletter-2, on testosterone, Tips for Exercise & Eating

eWellness Newsletter – 2

a March to a Long Happy Life for All

  • Is testosterone miraculous for men’s life and sex life? – The most recent update on Testosterone and Sexual Function
  • Important Tips for Exercise
  • Most important tips on how to eat

On November 29, 2017, we published eWellness Newsletter – a March to a Long Happy Life for All – 1, which presented and discussed the key power to thrive and drive on how to live a long happy life.

Now, in this issue, a number of current conflicting medical concerns will be addressed; they are:

1. Is testosterone miraculous for men’s life and sex life? – The most recent update on Testosterone and Sexual Function

For decades, giving testosterone to men with erectile dysfunction (ED) had been an almost routine practice especially among primary services. Over the past 2-3 decades, we have become more knowledgeable in testosterone change along aging and in the causes and care for ED. But the benefits and potential side effects from testosterone use have been quite conflicting and confusing among professionals and patients alike.

To clear the puzzles of such ongoing confusion from conflicting information, an article, titled , Testosterone and Sexual Function, was published in Current Opinion in Urology 2017; 27(6):516-518, which reviewed more than 30 available studies related to testosterone and sexual function.

This review confirmed some 50% of all clinical trials showed no benefit of testosterone therapy on any aspect of sexual function. The remaining 50% showed a benefit on some aspect of sexual function, but most sexual functional features were not improved.

So, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) has been disappointing in treating erectile dysfunction. And TRT may increase the odd of developing blood clot formation in the blood vessels and other cardiovascular diseases.

In sum, considering the limited and inconsistent benefits of TRT, the testosterone use in the aging-related andropause or in men with hypogonadal (low-testosterone) men should be taken cautiously under professional supervision and monitoring as detailed in Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction.

2. Important Tips for Exercise

We are moving around everyday and all the time. Why have more people – general public and professionals alike, frequently discussed and stressed the importance of exercise? Experience confirms the truth of “Use It or Lose It”, to which I am a believer of this notion, how about you?

Tip 1. Capture any occasions to use our body as long as time, tolerance, and safety allow. Examples may include, not limited to, bike riding, stairway ups and downs with less use of elevator, gardening, homecare, walking as much as possible, less sitting or staring still, just doing something all day long. More details? Go to How to Exercise…,

Tip 2. Be flexible in following professional advice. All the advice from doctors and trainers is to set a general guideline with safety in mind, encouraging you to exercise as much as you can but never push yourself to compete with someone else. Remember your daily energy may widely vary reflecting many factors of overall lifestyle.

Tip 3. Consult your doctors especially if taking medications or getting short of breath easily. Any medications for heart, blood vessels, and nerve systems, alcohol included, may more or less affect your tolerance to exercise or heart rate. So, talk with your prescribing doctors to discuss possible precaution at exercising. If feeling short of breath or dizzy, sit down and take a rest, and report what you experience to your doctors at next follow-up visit or go to see her/him if any doubt or concern.

Additional questions of Exercise to answer:

  • Does exercise help lower high blood pressure?  Yes, it helps significantly if already having high blood pressure (hypertension), especially while combing the effort to lose weight.
  • Do you need to go gym? It is not mandatory – optional if you are disciplined, though in gym, you may enjoy peers’ companionship and have trainer to reinforce actions and safety.
  • How should you exercise? As described above in “How to Exercise…”, in principle, make sure to do the best you can to exercise all the muscles, which hold and connect our 206 bones so to keep body fram in a good shape.
  • How long should you exercise?  You may exercise as short as 3-5 minutes or as long as 15-30 minutes or as long as you can tolerate.
  • What tools should you need for exercise? Tools or gadgats for exercise abound – more than you can imagine. Common tools are stationaryt bike, treadmill, spring or elastic cords, dumbbells, etc. Some people can exercise well to keep their body firm in a good shape without using any tools or gadgats at all. Conversely, some have every tools or gadgats you can imagine but their bodies are still in a bad shape with low energy and strength.  This difference largely reflects how disciplined you are to partake exercising activites.

3. Most important tips on how to eat

  • Principle: Eat, enjoy, and control foods, and do not let foods controll us; avoid overindulgence and obsession, which are the most common chronic killers of life because they are the fundamental culprits to cause all diseases for heart, blood vessels, lungs, liver, and brain.
  • Minimize or even avoid foods of high fats, sugar, and salt. As well, avoid the processed foods as much as possible due to their inevitably added food preservatives.
  • Consume the foods at their seasonal abundance for being more nutritious and less expensive.
  • More details? Go to How and What Should We Eat and Drink?

Here let us take a break and carry out what you learn and what you should do for your life.

Next issue is to talk about some issues on prostate health and its related diseases.

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