How May Erectile Dysfunction (ED)-Impotence Affect Male Sexuality?

How May Erectile Dysfunction (ED)-Impotence Affect Male Sexuality?

Introduction – Origin, Present and Future Expectation of Sex and Sexuality

Origin – Background,

Because of having sex differentiation, we see the endless cycles of generations of a species. Likewise we humans do with no exception. Largely, sex chiefly denotes the anatomical difference between male and female.


Present Expectation

Sex is to assure our endless biological cycles of procreation. Through generation cycling, most of us experience no difficulty in conducting this physiological duty for procreation. And no its related issues or debates arise. But as time goes by, we humans change and evolve in the struggle to succeed in survival, growth, and continuation of species. Thereby we succumb to these life realities and are forced to adopt, adapt, and reshape the distribution of power and resources. So to achieve our goals of survival, growth, and continuation.

Future Expectation

Through the pressure and stress of such struggle to cope with reality, certainty, and uncertainty of daily living, we have seen and observed the beauty and ugliness or ups and downs of sex life.

Historically, modern or ancient, we have read, heard, reported, and confirmed innumerable counts related to the ramifying effect of sex life. Both of the ordinary people and of the celebrity or the noble. All that we do are always related to sex for procreation, foods for survival and growth, and both for endless cycling of generation. Further details on the related subjects could be found in Perfect Sex… and What is Life?…

Then the scope of sex slowly expands and stretches to its current connotation. In depicting further on what is sex, what is gender, what and how we should behave…

As a result, nowadays, we become clear in knowing what we see in the external appearance of genital organs is only correct for most of us, but very occasionally we have a great difficulty to tell if the look of external genital organs belongs to male or female due to the rare occurrence of the malfunctioning adrenal gland or genetic inadequate sex orientation, which may manifest themselves on their pattern of full spectrum from the mildest to the most obvious forms. These are inborn errors.

Nowadays, what are the contents of sex or gender supposed to be?

As to sex, its scope of meaning has stretched to cover and depict the acts of copulation and many issues as noted in as:

1. sexual character; possession of the structural and functional traits of sex.
2.recognition of or emphasis upon sexual matters.
3.involvement in sexual activity. organism’s preparedness for engaging in sexual activity.
Further, what does the term of gender mean to us today although we have repeatedly filled the box of gender on many official forms to reveal if we are male or female? Up to these days, the scope of gender has expanded beyond anatomical sex to include one’s sense of self – identity, general behaviors to suit personal need as well as to conform with socially demanded formality. The contents of these issues and debates are unsettling to reflect the need for social change and evolution, which will never end.

What is Sexuality?

We often ask what sexuality is in private or in public or within ourselves to ponder what it is and what it should be. We wonder why we have heard so many unpleasant sex-related events and surprise at home or workplace. Although we all walk on our course to fulfill our own sexuality in our own way all the time without a hitch.

Based on the above discussion and disclosure, for our days in today, it is reasonable to state: Sexuality is the personal unique ability on how to interact with and behave to the opposite sex, who may be our spouse, daughters, granddaughters, or anyone on streets or in churches, malls, markets, airports, train stations, etc. locally or globally in right ways at a right time and location under right circumstances.

Thereby, we feel, capture, and secure the sense of comfort and control of a living, and enjoy freedom and harmony with our internal and external surroundings. If not behaving as described, we will run into the troubles from so-called sex scandals revealed in many celebrities, the nobles, the ordinaries alike in ancient and modern times. Even a president or a king or a clergyman could run into such kind of troubles because he either might not know or utterly ignore when, where, who, and what he was.


Erectile Dysfunction and Male Sexuality

Needless to say, everyone knows what and how is the importance of erectile function for male sexuality. Instinctively or primitively, being able to have an erection to perform sexual intercourse assures us to successfully procreate.


erectile dysfunction


At a young age, such ability is essential so we can produce natural babies of our own; without it, we have no hope to have our own offspring. However, the importance of erection for male sexuality inevitably changes and evolves as men age to reflect our need for survival and growth, which widely vary among individuals along their course of life path. Consequently, the position of erection for sexuality slowly becomes more and more optional, especially at the time when more and more diseases kick in our life. At such times, maintaining and sustaining life should come first – as the essential part of life, and erection becomes optional for fulfilling male sexuality.

Despite these life realities, the advance in science and medicine coupling with the advents of technology has made our hope to look nicer, feel better, and live longer possible. As a result, we have prescription medication to enhance the age-related, or diseases-related, or iatrogenic ED but to a degree for certain patients as described and elaborated in What are the Most Logical Steps to Treat Erectile Dysfunction, What are the Causes for Erectile Dysfunctions (ED)?, and How to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction.

While the blessing from these man-made achievements prevails, the unlimited pressure and demand of consumerism and commercialism constantly emerge and mount to an almost unreachable level, which results in unrealistic expectation under the shield of political correctness. Consequently, many people unknowingly fall victim to sweet talk, sympathy, much-distorted commercialism and consumerism, information over-flooding, and information misunderstanding. That is sad and unfortunate.

To remedy such drawbacks from supposedly medical advances, I create this website and wrote books – Perfect Sex for men… and What is Life? … I wish my audiences benefit from reading my 6 posts on how to handle the issues surrounding Erectile Dysfunction (ED)/ Impotence/ Sexuality.


Erection for sex performance is an important part of male sexuality, but its importance changes and evolves over a lifetime from the young to old age, which was described. The solution to these related issues was proposed and presented.


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