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Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex

Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex

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Story about Foods for Sex

How to elevate the ability to have sex and more sex? This question has been buried in many people mind or displayed in all sorts of media.

If you typed in few query keywords like “foods for better sex” or its kind, you expect to see many reports by sex experts, who made a long list of foods for bettering sex, with some duplication.

My search discovered the following six articles as examples to illustrate what are the common scoops insides the foods on the lists.

1. 7 Surprising Foods That Will Improve Your Sex Life, which enlists 7 foods as follows: onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, dates, figs, goji berries, and fatty fish.

2. 20 Foods That Increase Sexual Stamina, which enlists 20 foods as follows: watermelon, chili peppers, apples, gingers, wild salmon, bananas, oats, garlic, nuts (like peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, Brazil nuts, almond nuts, pecan nuts, etc.), quinoa, tuna fish, pomegranate, beets, spinach, avocados, asparagus, grass-fed beef, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.

3. 22 Foods Sex Experts Say to Eat, which enlists 22 foods as follows: black raspberries, ginseng tea, saffron (the most expensive spice), strawberries, pine nuts, chili peppers, avocados, almond nuts, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds, watermelon, figs, oysters, bananas, carrots, olives, apples, artichokes, celery, cinnamon, asparagus, and shrimp.

4. 25 BEST FOODS TO FEED YOUR PENIS, which enlists 25 foods as follows: bananas, spinach, coffee, tomatoes, watermelon, ginger, pomegranate, green tea, dark chocolate, oat meals, pine nuts, cherries, wine, Catuaba, salmon, Brazil nuts, potatoes, maca, carrots, Serrano chilies, pumpkin seeds, chicken breast, celery, and liver.

5. 28 Foods That Boost Your Sex Drive, which enlists 28 foods as follows: celery, pumpkin seeds, watermelon, red grapes, asparagus, bananas, soy foods, oysters, bell peppers, truffles (mushroom), garlic, pine nuts, walnuts, sweet basil, figs, dark chocolate, avocados, chickpeas, cruciferous vegetables, wine & spirits, pomegranate, hem peas, salmon, chocolate milk, ginseng, spinach, and maca.

6. The 50 Best Foods for Your Penis, which enlists 50 foods as follows: spinach, coffee, bananas, tomatoes, hot sauce, watermelon, pomegranate, green tea, dark chocolate, oats, pine nuts, cherries, wine, catuaba, salmon, Brazil nuts, potatoes, maca, carrots, Serrano chilies, pumpkin seeds, chicken breast, celery, liver, eggs, honey, shiitake mushroom, grass-fed beef, muira puama, white fish, clams, turkey breast, herring, blue mussels, walnuts, oysters, fortified cereals, damiana leaf, Greek yogurt, goji berries, yohimbine bark extract, peanuts, teff, garlic, broccoli, peanut butter, avocados, strawberries, and chili peppers.

What are the votes for these mentioned foods (by the number of mentions with 6 being highest)?

The results are:

  • (5/6) for salmon or fatty fishes, bananas, watermelon, nuts, peppers;
  • (4/6) for garlic, pomegranate, and avocados;
  • (3/6) for oysters,
  • (2/6 or less for the others.

What are the common characteristics of these lists?

  1. maybe just anecdotal events by few historical celebrities;
  2. their potential beneficial effects are related to their unique ingredients:
    1. vitamins – notably for vitamin A, C, D,
    2. minerals – notably for zinc, magnesium,
    3. amino acids – L-citrulline, L-arginine,
    4. phytonutrients like antioxidants.
  3. their potential effects may include:
    1. improve general health by lowering blood lipids, losing weight, and decreasing blood sugar, etc.
    2. improve mood state,
    3. improve blood vessel relaxation by enhancing nitric oxide production.

Are there herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction? 

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Many brands are available from many companies which incorporate variable kinds of the above-mentioned nutrients but uniquely individualized for branding by fine-tuning the ingredients and their amounts.

The commonly incorporated herbs are maca, muira puama, damiana, teff, yohimbine, catuaba, etc. Few kinds of pills chiefly contain L-arginine and/or L-citrulline, claiming to boost nitric oxide or testosterone production.

How should we eat some many kinds of healthy foods?

As already described in What and How Should We Eat? – indispensable for a long happy life, in reality, it is impossible to follow every word or recommendation by all the experts, but the key points to follow are:

  1. consume these foods in moderation and in your personally preferred cycles;
  2. eat more in their right season for lower cost and freshness;
  3. do not expect a food can instantly revitalize your energy and ability like Viagra (but only taking it at the right time and under the right mental and physical fitness) or a painkiller;
  4. realize the most bottom-line foundation is still an adequate mental and physical health with sufficient energy and ability, which results from healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession.
  5. the noticeable effects of enhancing erection may more likely and noticeably take place if the erectile dysfunction is at its early mild stage as described in how to use ED-related pills.
  6. apply the above five realistic considerations, and do not unnecessarily spend more than you can afford by understanding the practical limitation of pills and life.


Many foods can indeed help improve general health if consumed as recommended above. In turn, they may boost our energy and ability so we can perform any chore or task more effectively as elaborated in other ED-related articles listed in the Category of Sexuality/Erectile Dysfunction/Impotence.

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Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.






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2 Replies to “Demystify Secrets of Foods for Sex”

Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.

December 9, 2017 at 12:47 pm

Hi! Gomer,
Thank you for visiting this site to review the article. As to if there is any food around to increase the size of penis, this Q is commonly misunderstood and then mis-expected. Known to us, physical growth is chiefly decided by the genetic code and stops soon marching into adulthood – for men about age 18. Afterwards, all grown men have to adopt and adapt to whatever they physically achieve. There have been no magic pills or foods for penile growth after into adulthood. Despite this inevitable dismayed life-reality, the healthy lifestyle without overindulgence and obsession remains the core foundation for all medical care leading to living a long happy life as depicted in Again, thank you for visiting and commenting. Hope to see you soon. Chin-Ti Lin, M.D.



December 8, 2017 at 5:24 pm

Wow, great article about foods that help in maintaining good health of our sex organs. I enjoyed reading, and thank you for coming up with the lists. In fact, I am aware of some of the foods in the list, especially Maca. It just surprised me that some ordinary foods are included, like coffee. Really?

Now, no question about them being helpful for maintaining sex health. I have a question here that’s being asked by a lot of people I meet. Are there any particular food that improve penis size? This is being asked mostly by Asian men interested in getting partners bigger than them like American women.


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